1. My mother just went into a nursing home, is it too late to save her assets?
    It is never too late to help preserve a loved one’s assets, even if they are already living in a skilled nursing home facility.  Most people believe they have too much money to qualify for Medicaid or they have to wait 5 years.  Rest assured this is not the case.  Call an Elder Law attorney to help determine what you can preserve for your loved one.  Most of what you may have been told about Medicaid is probably wrong.   
  2. My parent still lives at home and has a chronic illness, what should I expect in the coming months?
    You and your family can prepare now for the proper medical care, financial stability and ease of mind of knowing that your family has a plan in place.  Ann Arbor Elder Law, PLLC provides more than documents, we help families understand the road ahead.  We help you identify possible problems and generate options to ensure that your loved one has the best care possible.  We break down the legal process and help you and your family understand the situation and implement the best working solution.  
  3. Is this really possible that I can get the government to help pay for my spouses nursing care?
    Yes, in many cases you can use legal and ethical strategies to qualify for the state or federal government to help pay for nursing care or assisted living.
  4. My daughter is permanently disabled, what can I do to protect her?
    In cases where a family member will need life-long government benefits, we can help families provide resources for that family member without jeopardizing their access to important government benefits.
  5. My father just entered assisted living, are there any programs that will help pay for that level of care?
    If you either your loved or their spouse was a veteran during World War II, Korea or Vietnam, they may qualify for Veteran’s Administration benefits to help pay for assisted living care.
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